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With Otimicar you do the best for your car and for your pocket.

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Enjoy the ride.
The rest is up to us.

What exists today between you and your freedom?

To ride without fear.
To leave without plans.
To enjoy without worry.

Ideas that seem increasingly distant. We cease to enjoy, speed up routine, surround ourselves with insecurities.

Otimicar was born to get you away from those barriers. We work with transparency and simplicity so you can become more independent, free.

We do this because we follow a purpose, we use technology to create a world of more independent people.

We want you to have the right to come and go, and not to worry.

How it works


Most vehicles manufactured since 1996 have a standardized port called OBD that communicates with external devices to perform the "On-Board Diagnostics."


Through this port our device is connected to the vehicle and starts to collect data about the use and mechanics. This information is provided directly by the Electronic Control Unit of the car.


With Otimicar app the driver can establish a Bluetooth connection to the device and gets to know better the vehicle, obtaining accurate information in a convenient way.


The collected data is sent to the cloud where the information will be processed to generate reports on the use, consumption and alerts when there are mechanical issues in the vehicle.

Otimicar Benefits

  • Identify mechanical problems before taking your car to the shop
  • Replace vehicle parts only when necessary
  • Never miss vehicle revisions or maintenance, schedule through the app
  • Maintain a complete history of your vehicle and improove resale value
  • Get intelligent reports about the use and behavior of your car
  • Share information about vehicles from your family
  • Save time and money, receive personalized offers

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